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Advice On Healthcare IT Jobs

Health Information Systems jobs are in high demand. Below are some tips to help you use social media platforms to help you connect with Healthcare IT leaders. Don’t underestimate the value of social media in your job search. You might be surprised at how active potential employers are online. Even your comments on blog discussions can get you noticed. We also list some featured jobs from Indeed for the industry. Most of the jobs we highlight here are in hospital IT departments. This is usually the best place to get started. If you haven’t seen Dave’s Slideshare on how to break into Healthcare IT, here it is:



LinkedIn-healthcareDid you know that LinkedIn is not just a site to update when you’re actively looking for a job? Once you complete your resume and profile, you can join some of the hundreds of groups related to  Healthcare IT, such as HIT Professionals and Epic Jobs and start contributing to discussions.
quora-healthcareJoin Quora, a question and answer site where you can follow and be followed according to question category. When you participate, you earn Quora credits that you can “spend” to promote your answers, or ask real experts about topics.
himss-healthcareJoin HIMSS, the leading Healthcare IT professional group. You can also find local chapters to connect with people in Healthcare IT.