I have made my career in Healthcare Information Technology, and every day I love what I do. I have done project management, training, database work, some programming, and have implemented electronic medical records, interfaces, and more. I created learnhealthtech.com to help people begin careers in Healthcare Information Technology.

Clinical Application Specialist/Analyst

clinical application analyst

One of the hottest jobs in Healthcare IT for several years now has been the Clinical Application Specialist. When a Healthcare IT vendor signs a contract to implement a given system for a Healthcare network, they rely on their client’s Clinical Application Specialist to plan, implement, and support clinical software systems.

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HIM Analyst – (FL)

Adventist Health System Location : Orlando FL US Associates in Health Information Management. Understands the HIM environment that exists at AIT and delivery excellent customer service, cost savings, and fast… More >> jobs by

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Systems Analyst 1 – (PA)

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Location : Philadelphia PA US Support the integration of information security in the development, design, and implementation of Hospital Technology Resources that process, transmit, or store… More >> jobs by

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Network Specialist – (PA)

Chambersburg Hospital Location : Chambersburg PA US Information Systems Management. NETWORK SPECIALIST, INFORMATION SYSTEMS 6. LAN/WAN/server based technologies, Ethernet networking technologies (including basic… More >> jobs by

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Epic Systems Modules

Epic Systems Modules, Epic Hyperspace

One of the reasons why Epic Systems has become the technology leader in healthcare organizations is that they have built an integrated platform for almost all areas of care. When Epic sees the need to advance technology in a new specialty, let’s say Eye Care for example- they take the time to develop what they call “modules”, built on the same platform and data structure as all of their other products.

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Change Control Procedures – Information Technology Change Control

information technology change control

The Information Technology department of many hospitals likely supports a hundred or more applications: everything from the electronic badge system for clocking in, lab software, pharmacy software, all the way to critical monitoring software for patients in the ICU. At any given time, any number of these systems may be in the process of major or minor upgrades, bug fixes, feature changes, and configuration changes. At the end of the day, responsibility for the success of these systems lies with the application analysts, their managers, and ultimately, the Chief Information Officer (CIO)

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What is Electronic Prescribing?

electronic prescribing EPCS

To the patients, e-prescribing is simply the electronic version of a paper prescription order. This is true, but the supporting technology also covers the entire process of order creation, tracking, fulfillment of prescriptions, as well as the database maintenance of the prescribing physicians, clinic locations, pharmacies, and benefits checking.

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What Is Open Notes?

Open Notes (or the Open Notes Movement) is a National initiative that encourages physicians to allow patients to see the progress notes that get entered into an electronic health records (EHR) system during medical visits.

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