Learn About Health Information Technology

Healthcare Information Technology is a big deal! Organizations everywhere are learning how to adopt the best solutions to improve patient care, lower costs, and manage large populations of patients. Patients are also becoming more engaged in their own care by having access to modern web and mobile based applications. All of this technology needs people like you and me with the skills to pull it off. Here is where you can read Health Information Technology articles from insiders who have succeeded.


Who Is The Physician Champion?

A reality of Healthcare IT is the complexity of projects and the disruption that technology brings to the ...
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patient portal vendors about online patient portals

What Is A Patient Portal? About Online Patient Portals

As Healthcare Information Technology has continued to mature, a notable area of growth has been the use of ...
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Use “Best in KLAS” News To Find A Job In Healthcare IT

Sometimes it's easy to miss opportunities hidden in plain sight. Today's post is on the recent release of the 2015 KLAS awards ...
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Barcode Medication Administration

In 1994, a nurse at Colmery-O'Neil Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Topeka, Kansas had an epiphany. She realized that the ubiquitous use ...
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Great Reasons to Learn How to Code

My first experience with any kind of significant coding came during the dot-com boom and bust of 2000. I had been working ...
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How I Got A Tech Job Above My Head

My big break into Healthcare IT came in 1995 while I was working in the Central Supply department at a hospital in ...
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Healthcare IT is not just for programmers with years of experience. There are opportunities for Educators and Trainers, Project Managers, Medical Assistants, Nurses, Patient Registration Assistants, and anyone with at least a fair amount of technical knowledge.

Many Healthcare organizations have a culture that values a commitment first to patient safety and satisfaction, with the understanding that staff can always learn the technology on top of those core “people skills”. So if you have a drive to help people first, and the ability to learn new technologies, Healthcare IT can be the place where you build a lifelong career.

Healthcare IT From The Ground Up

LearnHealthTech.com was launched mainly to meet the needs of those who are not at the executive level. There are plenty of Healthcare IT sites targeted toward CIOs and CEOs, but not so many that help you understand the nuts & bolts- the foundational skills that are hard to grasp if you’re not already in the Healthcare IT sector. A good place to look first is the Get Started page, where you can find a few Healthcare IT statistics, learn where the best jobs are, and learn how a hospital IT department is structured. If you lack technical skills, you can check out the Technical Skills Category for posts that will give you a good start.